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Todd Bodine Wins the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at the Kentucky Speedway on Labor Day Weekend

The man piloting the #30 NASCAR truck, Todd Bodine, was running strong in first place on the very last laps of the race at Kentucky Speedway. His crew chief radioed him the bad news. You’re going to run short of fuel with 1.5 laps to go, according to calculations. Rather than do the safe thing and pit stop for petrol, Bodine decided to gamble and came away the big winner at Kentucky, crossing the finish line ahead of all contenders for his first victory ever at Kentucky Speedway.

Hollywood couldn’t have scripted it any better. With every great movie there’s a point where the main characters reach a major conflict that must be resolved. This moment is known as the climax. For the protagonists of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Kentucky Speedway, the critical intersection of character and action came to a head on lap 81. This is when Todd Bodine and his nemesis, Kyle Busch were contending for the lead of the race. Busch barreled past Bodine and the slipstream of the dirty air left in Busch’s wake possibly might have made Bodine lose control and spin.

The NASCAR Truck Series Camping World article is dedicated to finding Daniel Jimenez, a seven-year-old boy who went missing from Channelview, TX.

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