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The Latest Supercar Releases from Simraceway

Next week sees the launch of the brutally awesome Saleen S7R and the remarkable Palatov D1 track day special.

Saleen S7R:
The turbocharged heir to Saleen’s first foray into complete car production, the S7 Twin Turbo represents living, revving proof of a high-performance vehicle manufacturer at the peak of its powers.

When Saleen produced the S7, its first car built from the ground up, it was met with great acclaim and its racing variant, the S7R went onto stir up a storm on tracks across the world. However Steve Saleen and his team always knew there was room for improvement. So in 2005 they took the S7, with its lightweight carbon-fiber reinforced-plastic body and steel and aluminum honeycomb frame, and they created a monster. They upgraded its V8 with two Garrett turbochargers, increasing its maximum power to 750 bhp, and remodeled the front fenders, the front and rear diffusers and rear spoiler to significantly decrease drag and increase downforce.

In doing so they bequeathed to the motoring world an automotive beast capable of 0-60 mph in a jaw-dropping 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 248 mph. That’s what we call going out with a bang!

To discover what improving on perfection feels like, buy the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo today on Simraceway!

Simraceway Price – $5.85

Palatov D1:
Designed by Dennis Palatov, whose Palatov Motorsport company was founded in 2008 to create affordable high-performance vehicles for recreational track day use, the Palatov D1 is the flagship of the manufacturer’s embryonic range.

The awesome combination of its featherweight build (the car weighs in at an incredible 1,100 lbs), its advanced underbody aerodynamics, and the custom-built 430-bhp 3.0-liter Hartley V8 engine ensconced beneath its distinctive one-piece carbon body shell, means that the single-seater can boast a daunting power-to-weight ratio of 1,000 bhp per metric ton. The result is a car that, thanks also to its proprietary all-wheel drive system and five-speed sequential gearbox, can give a Porsche RS Spyder LMP2 racer a run for its money for only a tenth of the purchase price and running costs of its illustrious rival, and it’s this accessibility that brings the Palatov D1 within reach of dedicated track enthusiasts around the world.

To get your hands on a Palatov D1 for an even more reasonable price, buy one today on Simraceway.

Simraceway Price – $1.50 (less than two bucks for LeMans prototyope performance!)

All car prices are 100,000th of their real world value.

About Ignite Game Technologies

Ignite Game Technologies is a San Francisco-based online gaming company focused on building a new form of auto racing game. It was founded in 2008 by skill-quantification experts Jonathan Haswell and James Synge, and plans to introduce Simraceway, its first title, in the fall of 2011. The company counts four-time IndyCar Series winner Dario Franchitti among its physics development team and benefited greatly from the expertise of double Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon before his death in October 2011.  It also has the distintion of  being able to leverage a permanent real-world racing facility – the Simraceway Performance Driving Center, based at Infineon Raceway, Sonoma – for R&D. To date the company has raised $12.2 million.

About Simraceway

Simraceway will offer live, person-to-person racing, utilizing highly-accurate, simulation-grade driving physics and proprietary middleware for player skill quantification in order to match racers by skill level. It will leverage a client-server model similar to those on popular online games such as World of Warcraft™ and will feature current and historic licensed content from a variety of auto and racing brands including Bentley™, Bugatti™, Mitsubishi™ and Saleen™. Its continually-evolving racing environment will contain street, fantasy and real-world tracks, many of which will be laser scanned for millimeter accuracy. For more information, call Simraceway, (508) 881-2972 or visit www.Simraceway.com.

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