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KleenSpeed Announces Scrambles as Sponsor of EV-X11 Electric Race Car

Driving Innovation From the Racetrack to Social Networks, World’s Fastest Electric Race Car to Defend Title at ReFuel 2012

KleenSpeed Technologies today announced scrambls as the primary 2012 sponsor of its EV-X11 Electric Race Car. Scrambls is a free social media privacy service that lets you retain complete control over content you post online and who can access it. KleenSpeed is a leading developer of innovative New Energy technology IP and a member of the NASA Ames Research Center.

KleenSpeed’s 2012 EV-X11 electric race car will debut at ReFuel 2012, July 1 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, in Monterey, California. ReFuel is the preeminent annual event showcasing the state of the art in electric vehicles. KleenSpeed’s EV-X11 shattered the ReFuel Electric Vehicle lap record on the Mazda Raceway circuit last year, affirming it as the fastest electric track race car in the world. The lap of 1:38:9 broke the 2010 record of 1:42.5, also set by KleenSpeed in its prior generation car.

“As a disruptive social media solution that makes online sharing smarter and safer, scrambls is an ideal fit to sponsor our revolutionary Smart Energy race car,” said Timothy Collins, president of KleenSpeed Technologies. “We look forward to defending our title as the fastest car for four years running at ReFuel 2012. We’ll unveil our next-generation car for the race, with its distinctive scrambls branding, and I assure you it will turn some heads.”

Scrambls is a simple, yet secure web browser plug-in that empowers users to control and protect messages they post to the web and social networking sites. Scrambls encodes selected content with the flip of a switch — from e-mails and Tweets to posts on any website. You choose who may read your social network posts, selecting individuals or sharing with a group. Friends just need to add scrambls to their own browser to read your messages normally, while those not approved can only see a “scramble” of encoded text and symbols. Advanced scrambls control options include the ability to retract (delete) messages after publishing, or choose when a post will appear or expire. Scrambls is free for consumer use.

KleenSpeed and scrambls share a passionate belief in driving innovation through better control, performance, and social responsibility. The EV-X11 is a symbol of KleenSpeed’s vision for a smart and clean energy future, as well as a vital R&D tool for developing advanced electric technologies. With the scrambls branding, the EV-X11 is now also a symbol of a new paradigm where consumers retain control of the content they post online, with privacy protection that carries across social networks.

“Sponsoring the KleenSpeed EV-X11 is a cost-effective way to expose the scrambls brand everywhere the car goes this year, both in person, in the media and on the web,” said Michael Sprague, scrambls co-creator. “We’re excited to showcase how scrambls is driving innovation with our own disruptive technology, building market awareness as the solution for private and secure conversations online.”

Follow KleenSpeed and scrambls at Refuel 2012 this Sunday, July 1. Race coverage, updates and final results will be available at:


About Scrambls Scrambls is an award-winning service developed by Wave Systems Corp. WAVX +2.60%  that makes online sharing simple and safe. All you need is the scrambls plug-in for your browser toolbar. You can make any post private with just one click, even if you’re publishing to different groups of contacts spread across multiple social networks. Scrambls lets you decide what the privacy policy will be for each post that you share. Scrambls makes online sharing smarter, with control over what you are sharing and whom you are sharing it with.

About KleenSpeed

KleenSpeed Technologies was founded in 2007 by Timothy Collins, a technology visionary with a career of success in tech businesses and investment banking. KleenSpeed is committed to accelerating the transition to “Smart” energy by developing leading-edge products for the New Energy future and the construction of “Smart” Grid systems. KleenSpeed is focused on research and development of the disruptive technologies that will lead to new products to enable capitalization of the New Energy Frontier. The company has recently announced its first commercial product, the genESSys(TM) 40 kWh Energy Storage System for multiple applications requiring high capacity storage, which is now undergoing development testing. KleenSpeed’s genESSys(TM) 40 kWh battery will be showcased and tested in an automotive application in the KleeenSpeed World KAR prototype set to go on the road this July. KleenSpeed is also discussing deployment of the genESSys(TM) with utilities, corporations and home owners for permanent storage, standby power and peak storage applications. KleenSpeed has been involved in electric vehicle racing since 2008 as a primary research & development laboratory for advanced energy storage systems and related components and technologies.

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