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Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival at the Monterey Jet Center

By D. Brian Smith

Photography: D. Brian Smith

Monterey Auto Week gets underway every year with the Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival at the Monterey Jet Center, a rip-roaring party on the Wednesday evening just before the big weekend. Revelers are always dressed to the nines. The jet and corporate aircraft, the vintage planes and helicopters, the classic, muscle cars, street rods, vintage sports cars and the creme de la creme of the exclusive new automotive brands, all the eclectic mix of motorized wizardry on display makes for a wonderful way to set the tone for this most festive week of automotive worship.

This is the second year that Redline Review has covered Mr. McCall’s Motorworks Revival, and we must say that it’s our favorite automotive and historic transport-themed party that we’ve ever had the opportunity to cover. Being an automotive aficionado, Mr. McCall hand selects the vintage and custom machines that will be displayed each and every year. Then, he mixes in the exclusive corporate and private jet companies, in addition to the premium brand automotive clients, like Lotus Cars, Bentley, Audi, Saab/Spyker and Porsche to provide something for everyone to be dazzled by during the night’s festivities. Given RR’s racing proclivities, you’ll usually find us photographing or lusting over the vintage racing machines or the new offerings from Lotus and Morgan. But, of course, not far from RR, celebrants might be checking out the new Audi R8 Spyder, to see how they fit, or maybe checking out a Bombardier corporate jet, after sipping a bit of the bubbly.

Whether you go to spot celebrities, view the latest offerings from the most exotic and intoxicating automotive brands or you simply wish to enjoy a comfortable evening with your auto, aircraft, and/or motorcycle-mesmerized friends, the Motorworks Revival sets the tone for living the good life in Monterey, if only for a week. Yes, Redline Review spotted several stars from Hollywood. We recognized a handful of luminaries from the corporate world. We even had the opportunity to chat with some automotive racing and engineering living legends.

As usual, there was so much to see, we couldn’t possibly post everything on the pages of RR. Like the Revival, we offer a diverse mix of what most captured our fancy on that magical evening at the Monterey Jet Center. For more information on this year’s Revival and when next year’s Monterey Auto Week kick-off celebration will take place, visit http://www.mccallevents.com/index.cfm/home.htm.



The crowd at the Monterey Jet Center just kept growing and growing. All the beautiful people in attendance looked fantastic, whether rendered as digital art or more realistically in high dynamic range with the next photo.


Vive La Crepe prepared some yummy French delicacies all evening for all the Revival revelers.

Producer, Master of Ceremonies, Automotive Aficionado, Renaissance Man, and etc. – everything we have to say about Mr. Gordon McCall doesn’t quite sum up what a great guy he is. His annual Motorworks Revival celebrations, held on Wednesday night of every Monterey Car Week for the last several years, denotes the official start of Redline Review’s favorite automotive enthusiast worship week of every year. By the way, his airplane and automotive themed party is Redline Review’s favorite party type event that we cover. Thank you, Mr. McCall for throwing such a wonderful celebration each August!

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