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Cutting Edge Valve Spring Design from COMP Cams Reduces Stress and Increases Harmonic Frequency for Improved Power Potential, Particularly in GM LS1 Applications

Since the beginning of the GM LS1 engine, aftermarket performance has consistently improved for this impressive powerplant. And with the ever-increasing aggressiveness of LS1 cam profiles being used by builders today, engineers at COMP Cams decided to design a valve spring that could both reduce stress and increase valve train stability in these applications. After intensive R&D, rigorous Spintron and dyno testing and exclusive development processes, the #26925 Street/Strip Dual Valve Spring came to life.

This spring is engineered for street/strip hydraulic roller and some solid roller LS1 camshafts and features a 1.320″ outside diameter and a .660″ maximum lift. It has a seat load of 141 @ 1.810″, an open load of 405 @ 1.150″ and a spring rate of 400 lbs./in. This lightweight, high lift dual spring is also polish finished to actually help with the reduction of stress in the valve train. In addition, the small diameter of these springs increases harmonic frequency, enabling much better valve train control at higher rpm. With a host of other specialized features, these springs were created for unmatched performance and durability in performance street/strip LS1 engines.

Although engineered with GM LS1 engines in mind, these springs can also be used with many other popular engine applications. For more information about the COMP Cams #26925 Street/Strip Dual Valve Spring or any other COMP Cams® product, call toll free at 1-800- 999-0853, or visit www.compcams.com.

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