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Art Morrison Enterprises Introduces AME Sport IFS

With an ever-increasing number of performance enthusiasts building “G-Machines” for “track days” and

 other serious cornering-intensive endeavors, the engineering team at Art Morrison Enterprises has developed the “Sport I.F.S.” package.

The most visible difference between the new Sport IFS and AME’s popular standard model is the “upswept” upper control arm, which is mandrel-formed from large 1″ o.d. tubing (as compared to the standard 7/8″). This provides additional stiffness without any appreciable weight penalty, and its design permits the use of larger front tires. Larger polyurethane bushings are also employed, which serve to reduce noise and vibration while minimizing flex.

Not visible—but nonetheless important—are enhancements to the steering geometry that facilitate more aggressive driving. For example, anti-dive is set to minimize nose-diving during hard braking, caster is

increased for more stable highway manner, and camber gain has been optimized to utilize more of the tire’s footprint in contact with the pavement for improved stopping. Roll center movement is less than 3″ laterally, which provides confident transitional handling comparable to contemporary high performance vehicles.

For additional details on the AME Sport I.F.S., including adaptability to various applications and pricing information, call 800-929-7188 or visit the firm’s expanded website at www.artmorrison.com. Send $5 for a postpaid copy (refundable with order) of the latest catalog to Art Morrison Ent., 5301 8th St. East, Fife, WA 98424.

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