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A Wedding, Ferraris & Magnum P.I.

A Wedding, Ferraris & Magnum P.I.

By D. Brian Smith

Photography: D. Brian Smith, post production – Ben Moment

Last week, I had the distinct honor of taking part in the wedding of good friends Jeremy Rice and Miriam Dela Cruz. They traded self-written vows in the Central Union Church, located in Honolulu, Hawaii, just a couple miles from Waikiki Beach. Their heartfelt words had most everyone in the Church holding back tears or letting them come forth, as was my case.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear or several for and with my friends. I could well-relate to their words. After a long search to find the one, they both found each other. I know a thing or two about searching for, as my hero Jack London used to put it, My Matewoman. Family and friends know about many of my misadventures in dating and relationships, and most of them are rooting for me to find The One, to be sure.

Your humble scribe gladly escorted bridesmaids Leslie Sonia Taylan and Elizabeth Rice down the aisle. We roll strong at Redline Review! (Photo by Jason Taylan)

This magical photo of the Lovebirds surrounded by tiny bubbles and the Aloha Spirit Hawaii Sun was a favorite among wedding revelers. So, we felt compelled to run yet another Jason Taylan photo. Thanks J.T.!

Perhaps my day in the sun will come soon. My best wishes to Miriam and Jeremy Rice. I know you’ll have a happy life together.

To the matter at hand, ‘er in the photo — right across the street from where I was staying was a Ferrari Store. It figures that the Chief Editor of Redline Review, where It’s All About Speed, would be staying in close proximity to a Ferrari Store. Never mind that there are only seven Ferrari Stores in all of the United States – two in Florida, one in New York, a Los Angeles store, a San Francisco location, Las Vegas and the aforementioned Waikiki Beach location.

One morning while I was shaking away the weariness that the previous day’s and night’s bodysurfing, sightseeing, pre-wedding activities in the evening and restful sleep that only a most-excellent vacation can truly bring, I decided to venture across the street with Redline Review camera in hand to take some Ferrari Store photos. It was a bit after 10 a.m. Though the store didn’t open until 11, I took some shots of the façade. I killed some time by drinking a delicious English Breakfast Tea, my favorite, along with an enormous chocolate chip cookie at a local Hawaiian coffee house. Upon the store’s opening, I ambled inside and chatted up the Ferrari employees. They seemed excited about this new automotive enthusiast website that we’re creating – Redline Review – as well they should. They admonished me not to take photos of the interior of the store without written approval from Ferrari corporate in Italy. We all know how protective Ferrari is of its brand. I did disclose that there were several photos of the store’s exterior already burned on my camera’s trusty flash card. They had no problems with me capturing the store’s facade.

While I was the Editor of KIT CAR Magazine, I learned firsthand how persnickety Ferrari is about its brand. I ran a photo of about 50 Ferrari Red Prancing Horses at the 2007 Concorso Italiano in the Calendar section of the Magazine. Not long after that issue of KIT CAR hit the newsstands, I received a rather rude letter from Ferrari’s lawyers. They advised me to remove the photo of Ferraris from KIT CAR or they would sue me.

I was appalled. Rather than comply with their wishes, I called them up and talked to the author of the letter, a dude who knew nothing about cars and little more about the 5th Amendment and Freedom of the Press. Needless to say, Ferrari never sued the company that owned KIT CAR Magazine. However, KIT CAR closed its doors in 2009, so maybe they did. Oops!


The hugely popular television show Magnum P.I. premiered in 1980. Tom Selleck played the part of Thomas Magnum, a private investigator who raced around Oahu, Honolulu and Waikiki Beach in his wealthy benefactors’ Ferrari 308GTS, chasing after criminals and putting away the bad guys with the help of his buddies – Higgins, T.C. and Rick. The show reigned supreme for most of the 1980s. Many a young man aspired to be P.I. Thomas Magnum. Magnum P.I. undoubtedly helped to promote the Ferrari brand and made the variants of the Ferrari 308 the most popular and most sold Ferrari ever. Reminiscent of the Mr. Magnum/Mr. Selleck famous facial hair, my brother in the 1980s sported a bushy mustache like the beach loving P.I. and later owned a Russo Red Ferrari 328GTS – the 328 being a later iteration of the venerable 308.

Fortunately, my brother Kevin no longer wears a mustache. Unfortunately, the 328GTS now has a new owner. An ill-fated move to Detroit brought forth the end of Kevin’s courtship with the rakish Redhead. What’s worse, he never let me show him how to drive it!

And the High Dynamic Range version of the same shot is last. Which do you like best? Write me at DBS@RedlineReview.com and voice your opinion, unless you’re a lawyer for Ferrari.

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