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1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 by Carrozzeria Scaglietti

1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 by Carrozzeria Scaglietti

Editor’s Note: This 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 by Carrozzeria Scaglietti is an absolutely magnificent Prancing Horse. Thanks to RM Auctions for permitting RR to present this marvelous machine.

Photo Credit: Corey Silvia ©2012 Courtesy of RM Auctions

Lot 145

Sold for $1,842,500

Chassis no. 10195
Engine no. 10195

300 bhp 3,286 cc DOHC V-12 engine with six Weber carburetors, five-speed manual rear-mounted transaxle, four-wheel upper and lower wishbone coil spring independent suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, and a tubular steel frame. Wheelbase: 94.5 in.

• Numbers-matching example
• Certified authentic without exception by Ferrari Classiche
• Classiche restoration completed July 2012
• Transaxle rebuilt by Patrick Ottis
• Only 500 km accrued since restoration
• Beautiful, rare, original colors; desirable factory power windows

The Paris Salon of 1966 marked a new milestone for Ferrari, the debut of the company’s first dual-overhead cam road car. By adding a second camshaft to each bank of the long-running Colombo short-block V-12, Ferrari squeezed one final iteration out of the classic powerplant, in the process producing an even more dynamic version of the 275 grand touring berlinetta. Dubbed the 275 GTB/4, the updated car developed 20 additional horsepower than its two-cam predecessor, a power dividend that wonderfully supplemented the 275’s light weight and agile chassis. Almost visually indistinguishable from the first long-nose 275, save for the telltale bulges of its redesigned hood, the 275 GTB/4 has come to be highly regarded as one of the last hand-built Ferrari V-12 models, prized for its chic yet purposeful 1960s styling, and the most impressively armed variant of the revered Colombo motor.

[br]According to Ferrari archives, this outstanding 275 GTB/4 was delivered to a French concessionaire in July 1967, completed as a European-specification example with instrumentation in kilometers. In addition to the characteristically powerful Ferrari drivetrain, this example featured an unusually beautiful and refined color scheme, painted in stunning Blu Sera, or Evening Blue, over an interior of Blue Chiaro, or Special Light Blue leather. Power windows enhance this outstanding specification.

Believed to have been minimally raced by early owners, 10195 eventually fell victim to a misidentification that has since been clarified by Ferrari Classiche, attesting to its true identity with its original chassis, body, transaxle, and original, matching-numbers engine.

In 2010, the car was discovered and acquired by an East Coast-based collector of Ferraris who has had the pleasure of owning numerous Maranello V-12 cars for 45 years. Particularly versed in the nuances of the 275 GTB, this owner immediately recognized peculiarities related to the identification and quickly performed a thorough inspection from underneath, photographing all of the pertinent stampings, including the chassis, the all-important engine numero interno, the body number, and the transaxle number. Submitting these identification signifiers to the Ferrari factory, the owner received confirmation that all these components were completely original to 10195. So authenticated, the car’s matching-numbers provenance was indeed proven intact.

Having now confirmed that he possessed a true matching-numbers 275 GTB/4, the consignor excitedly set about an exacting, sympathetic restoration that would comprehensively refresh the car as needed, noting that many elements were judged to be in faultless original condition, thus preserving the car’s originality to the greatest possible degree. This work initially consisted of a transaxle rebuild by renowned Ferrari mechanical specialist Patrick Ottis, of Berkley, California. Detailed receipts and evaluation cards of Mr. Ottis’ painstaking process accompany the car’s file of documentation.

In concert with the transaxle rebuild, 10195 was sent to Ferrari Classiche for additional refurbishment, ensuring the highest level of quality and originality by using factory-approved techniques employed by Ferrari Classiche. During the 13-month renovation, the consignor visited Classiche in Maranello no fewer than four times, making his typically committed effort to supervise and approve various steps in the process. Mechanically, the engine was exhaustively examined and evaluated, including numerous road tests, during which it was declared to develop strong compression and to deliver excellent and pleasing overall performance. After such testing, the engine was serviced, tweaked, tuned, and cleaned, and its original matching-number stamping was restored by Classiche.

The list goes on: The 275 GTB/4 was completely disassembled, with all suspension parts and ancillary components being replaced with brand new, original-specification items, including every caliper, wire, hose, and pipe. The clutch, the pressure plate, the flywheel, and the mechanical and electric fuel pumps were replaced, while five new wheels produced on special order from Borrani were mounted with brand new, correct Michelin XWX tires. A new and correct Ansa exhaust system was also fitted to the GTB/4 at this time. Cosmetically, a brand new interior of proper Blu Chiaro Speciale Connolly leather upholstery was installed, carefully sourced to match the car’s sensational original color scheme. Externally, the body was stripped to bare metal and carefully inspected so as to conform to all original body specifications, and it was carefully refinished in the original shade of Blu Sera, while much of the brightwork was re-plated.

Finally, upon completion of the restoration in late-July 2012, 10195 was shipped back to its American owner, with the definitive Ferrari Classiche Red Book issued on August 1. Indicating that all major components are original and numbers-matching according to Ferrari company records, the Classiche Red Book “without exception” is regarded as the highest level of factory certification of authenticity, endowing once and for all this striking 275 GTB/4 with the legitimate provenance it has long deserved. Further, the consignor estimates that no more than 500 kilometers of the current figure of approximately 84,600 kilometers on its unmolested odometer have been accrued since the restoration was completed, suggesting that many fresh miles of enjoyment remain for the next owner.

Currently accompanied by a complete set of original owner’s manuals, a complete reproduction set of tools with jack, and of course, the highly important Classiche Red Book (which includes photo-documentation of the restoration), 10195 is a certified-authentic 275 GTB/4, famously powerful and particularly beautiful given its elegant original livery of blue complementing blue. It is poised to rejoin the elite of Ferrari V-12 show cars, eminently suitable for exhibition at finer concours d’elegance across the nation, or at discerning FCA events, such as the esteemed Cavallino Classic. Certain to put a smile on the face of the next owner to experience its visceral performance and sweet singing engine note, 10195 is a beautifully restored example to “just right” standards, a superb version of perhaps the penultimate Ferrari V-12 Berlinetta.

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